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Miami, FL 33196

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Sushi Delivery and Catering

Experience the convenience of sushi delivery today. Call SUKHOTHAI SUSHI + ASIAN FUSION.

Founded in 2005, we offer halal and fresh handmade sushi and deliver it straight to your door. Call today!

Unparalleled Service

Passionate about Japanese food, SUKHOTHAI SUSHI + ASIAN FUSION strives to deliver unparalleled service for both its dine-in and delivery customers.

Combining the freshest and finest ingredients with their skills and knowledge, our chefs prepare all orders with the utmost care.

Check out our menu and choose from a tasty selection of sushi options.

We prepare all orders with the utmost care

Fresh and Delicious Sushi

Enjoy fresh and delicious sushi without leaving the comfort of your home! Contact SUKHOTHAI SUSHI + ASIAN FUSION.

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional delivery experience for both corporate and residential customers.

Delivered at the perfect temperature, our sushi is ready to be savored!

We provide an exceptional delivery experience

Why Choose Us?

  • Years of experience
  • Warm and friendly environment
  • Fresh and halal food
  • Attentive to your needs

To dig into our sushi:

Sukhothai Sushi + Asian Fusion

11735 SW 147 AVE Unit 36

Miami, FL 33196


(786) 577-4888